LEO Cabeça

Leonardo de Azevedo Mendes (Leo Cabeça) had his first contact with capoeira in 1985 in Taguatinga, in Distrito Federal Brasília. Leo Cabeça started training with José Inácio Cirqueira Falcão (Mestre Falcão) in group Beribazu. Mestre Falcão was the creator of the capoeira in public schools in Brazil. After that Leo Cabeça had the opportunity to practise capoeira with different capoeira mestres, because he was living in many states in Brazil. In 2000 Leo Cabeça visited mestre Marrom´s academia in Rio de Janeiro, where he became interested in capoeira angola. In 2003, from the beginning his work in Finland, Leo Cabeça has invited different mestres and capoeiristas from Brazil to teach in Finland. In 2008 he decided to study only capoeira angola.

Today he studies and follows the capoeira angola of mestre Marrom:

Capoeira Angola Marrom e Alunos,
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Leonardo de Azevedo Mendes,
Curriculum Vitae 2002-2013

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